About Us

Welcome to Eden Farm! This is our Story!

Founded in 2017, Eden Farm has been supplying all kinds of food ingredients to culinary businesses in major cities and working with local producers across the country. As one of the fastest growing agri-tech startup we have a mission! Stabilizing food price in Indonesia.
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Why Choose Us?

Our Partners

Eden Farm works with local producers across Indonesia to provide all kind of food ingredients needed by the culinary businesses. We give our farmers more income and demand forecast to maintain their production consistency. Sign-up for more information!

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We Are Family


Since we TEAM UP with Eden Farm, now farmers have no difficulty selling their crops, the purchase price offered from them is also very high, so we can have more profit for our daily needs.


Eden Farm bought our harvest with a consistent amount, so we have almost never thrown away the leftovers! Farmers are very grateful!


Live of farmers in this area have improved since Eden Farm bought our harvest; they offered us, the farmers, purchase guarantee, that is just exactly what the farmers need!